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We develop a variety of mobile solutions, from enterprise mobility through mobile web to mobile games. Our platform competencies span iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry platforms, native, hybrid, and cross-platform development, including Xamarin development and Unity programming, as well as application porting across all major platforms.

We help enterprises leverage the full potential of the latest technology, software, and infrastructure, through advanced web-based solutions with secure data processing and complex analytics in the backend. We have exceptional skills in developing high-load distributed systems that are scalable, secure and powerful, and offer an attractive front-end and excellent UX. Coupled with our diverse domain knowledge, our technical skills ensure we deliver maximum value to enterprises who seek modern ways to optimize their business processes, launch new sales channels, and expand their reach to clients, channel partners and associates.

Arges Technologies is a leading embedded software development company with world-class niche skills in low-level development and deep knowledge in the electronics domain. We offer full-cycle embedded systems development, including system-level apps, driver and middleware development, performance optimization services, debugging and failure analysis to ensure the low-level solution, be it an in-house development or provided by a third-party vendor, delivers the maximum ROI.

Arges Technologies' mobile team delivers full-cycle contractual game development projects, from game design all the way up to the application store. Arges has a rich outsourced project portfolio of educational and entertainment casual games for mobile devices, game consoles and browsers, as well as multiple proprietary titles delivered under our game development brand zGames.

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